INGAGE is a Miami-based marketing firm specializing in delivering customized solutions for clients of all sizes and industries.   Started in 2011, INGAGE provides online and offline marketing strategies, social media management, public relations, blog writing, video production, social media and pay per click advertising. 

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Meet the Team

Katherine Doble

Founder & President

Claudia Duma

Business Manager

Victoria Hathaway

Account Executive

Vanessa Gonzalez

Account Executive

Melissa Moreno

Account Coordinator

Ted Giraitis-Quaye

Digital Advertising Specialist  

Isaac Pineira


Oscar Rosenberg

Business Development Manager

Our Commitment

To our clients

Tailored and innovative strategies for your business to provide you the best results.

Consistent communication including 24/7 client portal, regular check-ins and monthly analytics reports. 

Results - what else can we say?

To our team

Freedom to create your own schedule, lead your accounts and decide your goals. 

Unlimited vacations and flexible work days because time off is just as important as time on. 

Accountability and courage building because we believe we're at our best when we're challenging ourselves.

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