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What’s Your 2021 Digital Strategy? 5 Online Tactics You Need to Employ

By Katherine Doble, President of Ingage Biz

As the world continues to deal with COVID-19, organizations have adapted. I often hear the line, “When the pandemic ends…” But, the reality is the pandemic has altered our behaviors forever. Organizations seeking to return to a pre-pandemic operation would not only be met with resistance, but it would also be detrimental to success in 2021 and beyond. 

Prior to this year, law, financial, and healthcare firms as well as government agencies and educational institutions were able to pick and choose which level they embraced technology. In fact, many would argue these five are ripe for disruption and the pandemic may have accelerated it. 

As the novel coronavirus infiltrates our economy, organizations have no choice but to re-evaluate and change the manner in which they practice, conduct business, and implement a digital strategy.

These are the five online strategies organizations must consider heading into...

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Tips for Working from Home! Staying Proactive and Productive from a Business Perspective

During this difficult time, a lot of companies have asked professionals to work from home, and this has created some challenges. For teams that rely on connecting at a physical workplace, suddenly being thrust into a remote atmosphere can seem daunting. The tips below should help make this transition a bit easier for you and your team.

1 - Use the Best Tech Platforms to Connect

There are many great collaboration platforms that can help ease you into remote work. Some of the most widely used and productive tools are:

Slack - for team collaboration, text messaging, updates, and calls. With Slack, you can keep the emails to a minimum and everything in one place for transparency. Use channels to separate projects and keep things organized.

Zoom - for video conferencing. 

Asana - for project management and team collaboration. Asana is great for assigning tasks, assessing where things stand, watching timelines, and keeping everyone on track. 

Google Docs - to share documents,...

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