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Family Law Group

A mid-sized law firm in Boca Raton, Florida wanted to secure more clients, capture potential clients in need of representation or counsel and automate the process. The firm practices family law, focusing on divorce litigation; parenting plans; child support and custody; marital settlement agreements; and, domestic violence, within Palm Beach and Broward counties.

INGAGE developed a comprehensive marketing, lead generation and automation of the prospect marketing and prospective client intake process. Organic social media, blog writing and public relations were launched. Landing pages, lead magnets, calendar scheduling, form automation and email drip campaigns were set up.  Two client personas to target through Google search ads were set up to capture individuals when they were in immediate need for help and most likely to book a free confidential consultation call. Facebook and Instagram retargeting ads were then created to target those same prospects who visited the funnel and did not convert.

Traffic to the website and landing page were increased by 150%.  Marketing reached 139% more divorce leads.  Over 80% marketing share was gained over competitors.  The firm now averages three booked initial calls and two new clients each week.

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Raffin Electrical

An Australian electrical company struggled with new customer acquisition for its solar panel solutions and encouraging repeat business. The company’s social media accounts had been dormant for an extended period of time and the traditional networking channels were not providing the volume of leads the electrical company wanted.

INGAGE extensively researched the customer personal of solar panel buyers and developed three trigger points that resulted in sales.  With this information in hand, an aggressive advertising campaign was launched including videos that spoke to each of the triggers. INGAGE revamped the Facebook and Instagram accounts, established a strategy for developing engaging organic content while adding in a prompt to convert social media followers into leads.

In 3 months, the social media accounts have grown by 17% and reached 138,989 potential customers. Advertising accounted for 108,865 impressions and over 470 website visitors from April to June. The electrical company now averages over 3 leads per week.

Confused by the above marketing jargon?

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