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Digital Advertising Manager

As the Digital Advertising Manager, Ted directs INGAGE's advertising activities and develops creative, consistent brand-specific ad campaigns.

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How Long Have You Been Working in Digital Marketing?

I have been working in digital marketing professionally for 3 years and amateur for the majority of my life. I have industry experience in hospitality, eCommerce, medical, financial services, and real estate.

When I'm Not in the Office...

I like to watch sports, weight lift, or invest in stocks! My favorite team is the New England Patriots and my favorite investments are consumer discretionary stocks.

What's Your Favorite Thing About Working at INGAGE?

I like the ability to perform digital advertising with a diverse set of clients and to solve their problems in a creative way! Businesses hitting their goals is always my proudest moment.

Coolest Place You Visited While on Vacation?

The coolest place I visited on vacation would have to be Thailand. It has such a rich national culture as well as one of the popular tourist destinations in the world. The next country I want to visit is the United Kingdom!

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