Attorney Podcasts: Next Best Marketing Strategy

law firm marketing Apr 29, 2022

When crafting law firm marketing strategies, you must diversify your approach. One tool which is often overlooked is a legal podcast. Podcasts have exploded in popularity over the past few years, and if you are not using a law podcast to further your legal marketing, you are missing out.

Why Should I Use a Legal Podcast?

Marketing for a law firm can seem like a challenging task. However, in this modern digital world, you have multiple opportunities at your disposal. Due to the vast number of legal marketing channels, you can saturate the market with your message quickly and easily. One way is using a legal podcast. Some of the benefits of doing so are:

Reach Your Target Audience

Legal professionals often have a difficult time reaching their target audience. A legal podcast is a great way to solve this problem. Turn a legal subject into a form of entertainment for clients that may have been out of reach before. People who may not look for legal services in other channels may be interested to hear your message while taking a walk, working, or on their lunch break. The podcast medium is unique and provides you with a way to tell your story verbally and showcase what you are all about.

Improve Customer Engagement

Podcasts offer the opportunity to engage more deeply with your audience. You can answer client questions during the podcast, interview special guests that your audience is interested in, and promote more interaction. When customers feel heard and valued, it can solidify your relationship with them overnight. Customer engagement builds trust. 

Increase Brand Awareness

One key to successful legal marketing is increasing brand awareness. You can do this through various methods, but a podcast could be the very thing that sets your firm apart from the others. If other lawyers are using more traditional forms of legal advertising, you can show your clients that you embrace modern technology and meet your audience where they are, listening to podcasts. 

Builds Credibility 

A legal podcast offers you the platform to show your clients that you are an expert in your chosen field. In addition, you can illustrate through real-life stories your firm's knowledge and expertise, which builds not only more trust but also credibility. 

When a client needs legal assistance, they typically require a specific type of law firm. You can show them you are the one to call because you have handled cases just like theirs, and you can showcase your successes. 

Enhances Your Other Social Channels

Law firm digital marketing includes many things. You get more for your marketing dollars whenever you can use one marketing tool to enhance another. For example, you can use your legal podcast to drive traffic to your social channels and vice versa. Use your social media account to promote your podcast and enhance a podcast story with other content offered on other platforms. A law podcast can be the jumping-off point to round out your entire legal marketing strategy. 

Things to Consider for a Law Podcast

Putting together a regular legal podcast takes some planning. First, you need to consider your goals and then how to accomplish them. Some of the things you need to think about when planning your podcast are:

  • Your Audience - Like any type of lawyer advertising, you need to market to a specific audience. You won't appeal to everyone. Therefore, you need to figure out exactly who your audience is to effectively target your marketing to them. 
  • Content Calendar - How frequently do you want to post new content to your podcast? How often are you able to commit to the process? Planning and recording your podcast take time and effort. Some podcasters can put out new content every week, but busy lawyers may opt for once a month instead. 
  • Format - The sky is the limit when you think about how you want to format your podcast. Do you want to just speak and tell stories about cases, or do you want to break things up with an interview and questions and answers from the audience? Will you be the only host, or will you have a co-host to help carry the conversation? These are things you must consider before starting your legal podcast. 
  • Technology - You will need top-quality recording equipment if you want your law podcast to compete. You also need good recording software, music, and professional editing to polish each episode. 
  • Promotion - Don't forget that you will need to find creative ways to promote your podcast to build your audience and generate leads as part of your overall digital marketing plan. You can use a variety of methods for promotion, including a dedicated website, domain, social media channels, blog posts, and online ads.
  • Podcast Platform - It's essential to choose the right podcast platform for your content. The top Platforms are Apple, Google, and Spotify. You may also consider others to reach an even wider audience. 

How Do I Make My Law Podcast Effective?

The best legal podcasts take a lot of planning. Some ways you can make your podcast stand out and help you build your brand are:

Professionalism - Don't Cut Corners

When you decide to add a podcast to your attorney marketing plans, don't cut any corners. Instead, use professional equipment and software and get help if you don't know what you are doing. A cheap, unprofessional podcast could actually hurt your brand rather than help. 

Be Unique

Take a different approach when choosing your content. Don't be afraid to tell a different story than the one that is already out there. Perhaps you switch up your format from week to week or do something completely different than the other law podcasts are doing. 


Don't quit once you start a podcast and begin to build your audience. Make a long-term commitment to sticking with it. You don't want to lose those potential customers once you have them interested. 


Think about how much time you want to devote to your podcast each week. Some podcasters use relatively small time slots, like 20 minutes; others go longer. Pick an amount of time that will allow you to accomplish whatever your goal is each week. For example, if you plan on doing interviews, you might opt for an hour or more. 

Podcast Bio

What qualifies you to talk about your topics on your legal podcast? Write up a podcast bio that expounds on your experience and expertise. This added content will help build credibility and draw your audience in.

Content Choices

Make a list of some topics you want to cover in your podcast. Although the list could be endless, try to keep your content similar and aligned with your core business objectives to attract and retain an audience. 

Where Can I Get Help with a Legal Podcast?

Law firm marketing and advertising is a big job and one that you may not be able to accomplish effectively alone. INGAGE is here to help. INGAGE is a law firm marketing agency that works closely with lawyers and law firms of all sizes to promote brands, build credibility, and increase business through law firm advertising, PPC for lawyers, family law marketing, criminal defense marketing, social media marketing, content marketing for lawyers, and more.

Contact INGAGE today for help designing and planning a legal podcast for your firm!


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