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Who we are

We are a digital marketing data analysis and strategy firm
specializing in the highly regulated industries of law, finance,
government, and higher education.


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The team

Behind every successful campaign,
there's a team of talented people 
who love what they do and take
pride in going the extra mile.

Katherine Doble

Founder & President

Claudia Duma

VP of Operations

Vanessa Gonzalez

Creative Director

Sam Castellanos

Account Director

Dani Schlossmacher

Director of Client Relations

Kyle Ean Haggerty

Director of Sales & Business Development

María José Ovalle

PR Manager

Shivam Singh

Digital Advertising Manager

Emily Roman

Account Manager

Gabi Satola

Senior Account Coordinator

Tania Briones

Account Coordinator

Francesca Marcos

Account Coordinator

Cecilia Viney

Account Coordinator

Isaac Pineira


We assist organizations in understanding
their online data, identifying the gaps

strategizing on opportunities 

and executing multi-faceted campaigns.


Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much.

For us, the community serves to amplify our voice and our ability to affect and influence change.

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