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Webinar by the Financial Planners Association of Miami (FPA) - Oscar Rosenberg

events finance webinar Jun 19, 2020

I worked in the financial industry for 15 years and saw the lack of diversity and inclusivity first hand. In my role as Business Development Manager at INGAGE Biz, I have a unique perspective on the leadership of many companies and how communication reflects the beliefs of those corporations.  

On Friday, June 12th, I joined Goldman Sachs Personal Financial Management Consumer and Investment Management Division’s Vice President Trudy R. Turner, Presenceology’s brand and personal image strategist Mila Yoli da Cruz, and Modern Money Advisor’s President Angela Moore for a discussion on how to create spaces and manage conversations with colleagues and clients.  The panel was hosted by the Financial Planners Association of Miami. 

It was a difficult but important conversation. Only one-third of financial planners in the United States are women. And the numbers are even lower for minorities. A 2018 study by the CFP Board Center for Financial...

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