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5 Ways to Heat Up Your Social Media During the Summer

social media Dec 21, 2020

The summer months can mean slower traction on your business' social media content.  It's not unusual to see lower engagement rates on social media posts when the kids are out of school, people are away from their desks more, and often times traveling. 

Instead of abandoning your social media efforts altogether, summer provides the perfect time for business owners to catch up, analyze, and get creative.  

The top five things you should be doing this summer to heat up your social media: 

  1.  Bring in new connections. Who else has a stack of business cards sitting on their desk?  Now is the time to go through them, send LinkedIn connection requests, add the emails to your email marketing system, and schedule appointments with the ones that you should have followed upon.  
  2. Reassess your goals.  What worked in Q1 and Q2?  What didn’t work?  Do the same type of analysis on your business social media accounts.  While everyone's goals are different, the common indicators of success are content views, click-throughs, and engagements.  See if you can identify patterns of the types of posts that performed best as well as the types of posts that underperformed.  It's just as important to know what your clients and referral sources don't want as what they do want. 

  3. Create a new content plan.  Now that you know what's worked best, can you label it into a content bucket?  For example, was it institutional news, personal content, professional posts, inspirational messages, videos, trending news?  Create content buckets that are working for your audience and determine how often you will post content from each.

  4. Test out new types of content.  Summer is a great time to give new ideas a try.  Consider filming videos.  Change your tone from serious to more playful.  Give newer features like Instagram TV a try.  By the time everyone is back from vacation and in-full swing, you'll have mastered the new content and be ready to capitalize on it. 

  5. Build landing pages.  Chances are your referrals and prospective clients don’t use the same terminology or get motivated by the same things.  For example, attorneys' referral sources are often other attorneys who are happy to read about the impacts of a new ruling on their practice.  BUT, 99.9% of an attorney’s clients are not sitting on the edge of their seat to find out how the Daubert standard may affect their case. Consider your audience and build places on your website that speak to them.  (If you're an attorney and not on social media, read this: Attorneys the Time is NOW to Embrace Social Media.)

The most important thing you can do for your business' social media is finding ways that it excites you.  Whether you're handling it or a social media agency is creating content and posting on your behalf, you should be proud of the work you're putting out.  Chances are that if you're not excited about your own social media, your prospective client won't be either.  

Want to learn more?  Shoot me an email at [email protected] or give us a call to schedule a time to discuss your digital marketing efforts (833)246-4243 ext. 700. 


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