#1 Legal Marketing Tip for 2023


New year, new me, new business goals.

Am I right?

As we step into the new year, our legal marketing team is busy reviewing last year’s results and
setting new goals with clients. We’re also vetting inquiries from new law firms who are seeking
out ways to increase their leads in 2023.

Simultaneously, most of us are making personal goals and most often those include a health
component. Personally, I’m focusing on incorporating 20 minutes of yoga into my morning
routine and an hour workout in the evenings as well as continuing to cut out processed foods.

Over the eleven years of running this marketing firm, I’ve learned to potential red flags when
speaking to prospective clients and there are four words that will stop me dead on my track
every time – “I need results now.”

Here’s the problem, nothing great is built in a day. Working out once will not get you in shape.
Eating a salad for lunch will not help you lose weight. Investing in marketing for less than 6
months will not get you to the next six figures.

That’s why the #1 legal marketing tip for 2023 is consistency.

If you’re starting a new marketing tactic in the new year, be sure to stick with it for a minimum
of six months. There are no magic bullets in marketing just like there are no magic diet pills.
The results appear after you’ve put in the work, reviewed the results, and adjusted accordingly.

Let’s use one of our clients Haber Law as an example. We recently discussed what new
marketing tactics we could implement for the new year, but the reality is that the Miami-based
law firm does almost every marketing tactic available to them. The best part is, they have easily
quadrupled their billings and firm size since we started with them over four years ago.

I’d like to attribute it to all the marketing tactics we’re doing – social media management, email
marketing, paid advertising, white papers, lead email automation, video creation, blog writing,
webinar assistance, etc. To be fair though, it comes back to the consistency of implementing
these marketing initiatives and the hard work of the attorneys at the firm.

As my favorite Peloton instructor likes to say, “Your body is not Amazon Prime, it’s not going to
change in two days.” Neither is your marketing. Let’s grow!


About the Author

Katherine Doble is the president and founder of INGAGE. Since founding the firm in 2011, Katherine has developed award-winning social media and online campaigns for all sizes of organizations, from top Fortune 500 companies to privately-owned businesses. 


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