Personal vs Business Brand


Hello, I am Kyle Ean Haggerty, Director of Business Development with Ingage Biz, Digital Marketing and Public Relations, and this is your "Marketing Moment." 

I have two questions for you. 

First, what would people say about you if I said your name? 

Second, what would your customers say about your products, services, and reputation if I mentioned your business? 

You must answer both questions to know your personal and professional business brand. 

Building the right brand is essential in our competitive business world. 

Let's explore this.  

A business brand is built around an identity you create for your business and is independent of your name. A personal brand is built around you; your name and business name will be the same.


Pros: Personal brands are easier to create given all the online tools, like social media, personal websites, and numerous video platforms. They also allow for more flexibility. For instance, if the focus of your product offerings changes, it will be easier for you to grow without changing your business name. 

Personal brands also are a great starting point for other business endeavors opening the door for speaking opportunities and other entrepreneurial goals.

They are also great for 'one-person' industries and ideal for artists, authors, coaches, and speakers.

Cons: On the downside, you can't state what your company does in the name of a personal brand. Because of this, it will take some time before people start associating your name with the products or services you are providing. 

This challenge will prove to be an obstacle when building your business brand. 


Your business brand is built around an identity you create for your business and is independent of you and your likeness. There are exceptions to the rule. Many household names have used their personal brand to build their billion-dollar business. A few examples are:

  •  Elon Musk
  •  Oprah Winfrey
  •  Donald Trump
  •  Arnold Schwarzenegger
  •  Calvin Klein


Pros: Business brands are harder to create, and this is because they are crafted on an identity that you need to build along with the brand. It takes much hard work and a commitment in time, but this could be worthwhile for most people.

Although building a brand takes hard work, your effort to establish your company's identity will give you a better sense of who you are, where you are going, and the clients you want to attract. You will need to consider your target audience, branding, logo, images, and what your company is known for that will set you apart from the rest. Doing this will give you a strong sense of what your business provides moving forward.

Business brands are also easier to sell when compared to personal brands. If you decide to move on from your brand and want to sell it to another owner, it will be easier if the business name is associated with its products rather than the person behind it.


Cons: A significant problem with business brands is that they allow for less flexibility than personal brands. Sometimes it does promote diversity in your target demographic because the brand is preset. Personal brands allow more space for you to grow if you explore a different avenue in what services and products your company provides. This type of growth is more challenging with a business brand.

Although choosing to build a personal or a business brand may be a personal decision for you and your business partners, for many, it will come down to what type of business they are trying to build and promote. But it is vital to get expert advice on whatever decision you make for yourself. 


So, what should you develop first, your professional or business brand? Regardless of what you do, here are some things you need to do in preparation for that decision:


  1. A Storyboard: Start by creating a storyboard of the story of your brand. Compile inspirational examples taken from photography, packaging design, brand design, and the visual identities of competitor brands.
  2. The Logo: this is the foundation of what people will see. Start the design process with drafting logo designs and refining a favored design. Consider how you logo could team with marketing visuals on a broader level and appeal. How will it work with photography and illustrations for publications, ads and/or social media?
  3. The Color Palette: Adding color into your logo design and marketing collateral materials will had some appeal to your branding efforts. Experiment and consider a wide range of colors until you feel you have struck the right tone for the industry and the brand itself. It is important to consider your audience during this process.
  4. Type Graphics: Try a variety of font pairings alongside your logo and marketing visuals materials. Consider the impact of different design styles, elements and applications, and how this will translate to print media, such as stationery and packaging. Remember, how it looks on a computer screen may not translate onto paper and card stock.
  5. Mockups and Samples: Now that you have the core elements and ideas of your brand prepared, create mockups and samples that demonstrate how the brand identity would look “in action” in front of your customers. These could include packaging, signage, brochures, website layouts, and social media posts.


Preparation and clear thought are the keys to success…. “HAPPY BRANDING”


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