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What’s Your 2021 Digital Strategy? 5 Online Tactics You Need to Employ

digital marketing Dec 21, 2020

By Katherine Doble, President of Ingage Biz

As the world continues to deal with COVID-19, organizations have adapted. I often hear the line, “When the pandemic ends…” But, the reality is the pandemic has altered our behaviors forever. Organizations seeking to return to a pre-pandemic operation would not only be met with resistance, but it would also be detrimental to success in 2021 and beyond. 

Prior to this year, law, financial, and healthcare firms as well as government agencies and educational institutions were able to pick and choose which level they embraced technology. In fact, many would argue these five are ripe for disruption and the pandemic may have accelerated it. 

As the novel coronavirus infiltrates our economy, organizations have no choice but to re-evaluate and change the manner in which they practice, conduct business, and implement a digital strategy.

These are the five online strategies organizations must consider heading into 2021: 

Your online presence is imperative 

Prospective clients, donors, employees, etc. are increasingly paying attention to what organizations post online, how active their accounts are, and their values.  We saw this during the Black Lives Matter movement as the public systematically called on companies to take a stand.  

A strategic and active online presence aligned with a company’s mission, values, and expertise is imperative. This includes all communication channels, not just social media.  The winners in 2021 will be the organizations that find ways to significantly elevate their online presence while providing positive experiences.  

Easy to understand websites and landing pages 

Do you have a stack of business cards collecting dust on your desk? An organization’s website and landing pages are the 2021 business cards.  Yet many still lack responsive, user-friendly and intuitive sites.  

Easy of use, concise language, and stating the clear benefits of your company are all it takes to stand out from the crowd. Specific offerings, services, and webinars where advertising traffic is being funneled should be housed on landing pages.  

Landing pages are dedicated web pages without the navigation bar, footer, or clutter of your current website. These pages serve one purpose. Their goal is to push a person to take a specific action.  With the human average attention span coming in at less than six-seconds, landing pages are the key to driving results.  

Embracing automation 

At no time in history have business leaders embraced technology more than now. From video conferencing to cloud file sharing, work from home has changed the way we view tech. 

The next step is automation. Automating workflows, processes, communications, and file sharing boosts efficiency lowers costs and allows team members to prioritize human connection.  

In the digital age, people expect one-click assistance, email confirmations, regular updates, and ongoing notifications.  View your business through the “Amazon-lens.” One-click purchase, instantaneous confirmations, regular updates, and speed in delivery of the product. 

The technology exists for building the “Amazon-Esque” business. It’s time to lean into it. 

Data will be king

You’ve heard the marketing saying, “Content is king.” In 2021, data is staging a coup. The businesses and organizations that will come out ahead are the ones that embrace their marketing numbers, put a premium on track, and are able to translate it all into actionable steps to increase their results. 

Consider this, people hire bookkeepers, CPAs, and financial planners to help them understand their numbers. They seek the guidance of professionals when determining what to do with their money and how to best utilize it. Why not do the same with your marketing?  

INGAGE’s new strategy and analysis offering provide businesses the peace of mind that the online tactics they are employing are working and raise a flag when there is a better opportunity or a problem ahead. Click here to learn more.

Authenticity wins

The best performing content that generates the most organic leads for businesses is photos and videos from attorneys and team members as well as stories - client, employee, case studies, etc.  

While the world continues to move online in a number of ways, finding opportunities to bring the human element into online marketing is crucial.  Authenticity is still what we crave and will continue to crave going forward.  

As companies and organizations plan for 2021, an online presence should be evaluated and reevaluated.  Key performance indicators, benchmarks, and goals need to be set and consistently checked on while balancing it all with strategies that stand out. 


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