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I am Kyle Ean Haggerty, Director of Business Development with Ingage Digital Marketing and Public Relations, welcome to your MARKETING MOMENT. 

Recently, I was in Orlando, Florida, teaching a workshop on Marketing and Public Relations and one of the business owners asked me a question that inspired me to make this video. 

She stated and asked: "There are times when barely anyone visits my website, and then there are times when I have many visitors go to my website, but the potential clients are different from what I am looking for. Please tell me what to do. 

Many business owners can relate to this, so I am giving you a quick checklist to consider when trying to raise the number of views on your website and attract more customers and the right clientele. 


If the number of visitors to your website is low, add keywords that describe the nature of your business, products, and services. If you have already done that, then add words that are similar in nature. 

You may ask yourself; how do you decide what keywords to use? Starting a keyword list begins with common sense and having a proper understanding of your business. In this process, you need to think like your customer and put yourself in their position in search of your product or services. 

Your new keyword list will continue as a living document and reference point for your website SEO strategy moving forward and will give you clarity of understanding your audience. 

To make a great keyword list, you must tap into your potential customer's physical and emotional state. Where are they located, and what do they need to improve their current situation? Use your creativity to empathize with your customer and imagine their journey to find you and use your analytics to consider your customer demand and the exact language you should target.

Your website may be a lower result for your brand name in Google. This result is probable for brands that may have a generic name, a similar name as other brands, or do business online in a competitive space.

Third-party news sites may rank high for your brand name with content outside your control. Another item of note is to include a list of your company name and brand or product names in your initial keywords.


Many search engines now require a higher level of content on the pages of your website. You will want to beef up the content of the information to secure a higher ranking on search engines. Another thing that can help is listing testimonials and videos at the top of the page.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) content refers to creating content that helps your web pages to rank high in the search engines. It includes everything to do with items such as writing and structuring content on your website. There are three essential factors you need to consider when producing content that will make your website rank well. Consider keyword strategy, site structure, and copywriting.

SEO is essential because search engines, such as Google, read your website, so the words you use to deliver your message can determine whether or not your site will rank in their results pages. An excellent user interface and all the technical components that make your site rank in Google should also be covered. But with high-level quality content on your site, your business can stand a chance in the search engines.

Search engines are always trying to answer the general public's specific needs, and they're getting better and better at guessing people's intent, wants, and desires. If 95% of the people searching for an oil change for their car have informational purposes, and you're optimizing for transactional intent to sell tires, you're probably not going to rank most of the time.


Consider paid advertising with a focus on your Keywords. You have several options, such as Google, Facebook, and Instagram. Regardless of your investment, if your website landing page and content need to improve, people visiting your site may not become customers. Advertising in this digital age is no longer buying TV commercials on cable stations, twenty-second radio spots, and thousands in direct mail pieces but having a solid and clear presence on social media and online. 


  • What is digital advertising?


Digital advertising covers many channels, including email, display ads, application stores, mobile advertising, and paid social ads. It is essential to learn about the progression of digital advertising and how you can reach larger audiences in real time to drive leads into sales. 


  • Digital ad strategy


It is essential to develop the foundation of your digital ad strategy with a consistent process to create goals for your campaigns. Consider cross-channel methods for acquisition, nurturing, building customer loyalty, and brand awareness. 


  • Digital ad types and ad design


When considering ad strategy, please understand the differences between PPC (pay-per-click), visual display, and social ads and the benefits and best practices for all platforms. If you are not a content expert in your industry, hire someone to write relevant ad copy, headlines, lead generation forms, and CTAs (calls-to-action). Also, become familiar with relevant imagery content, cinematographic, video, flash, banners, pop-ups, and mobile ads. 


  • Digital ad landing pages


No matter how much money, time, and energy you spend on a digital advertising campaign, if your landing page doesn't hit the mark, create a feeling and resonate with your audience, they will leave and not take a second look. Optimize your forms, applications, testimonials, video statements, ads, and landing page design by platform. With your lead generation and social media goals, this will ensure a seamless and personalized, and informational experience for every visitor to your website. 


  • Ad targeting


This targeting is strategizing various ways to reach your target customers. You should include ad content, customer location, buying patterns, behavioral trends, audience behaviors, specific racial, social, and economic demographics, and more. 


  • Digital ad technologies


The maze of ad technology can get overwhelming and complicated. It is essential to research to have a clear understanding of the technology. To make sure to get it right the first time, you will want to hire an agency to guide you through that process. 


  • Ad testing and optimization


It is crucial to analyze the effectiveness of your digital ads as well as what to test for, then apply best practices. You will also want to perform multivariate testing for your landing pages, pay-per-click, display, and social ads. 


  • Ad measurement


How will you know if your strategy is successful if you do not measure it? Make sure to evaluate the front-end metrics like impressions, reach, clicks, click-through rate, engagement rate, conversions, effective cost-per-thousands, and back-end metrics like return on investment, return on ad spend, multi-touch attribution, and lifetime customer value.

Please, contact us for your complimentary marketing analysis to ensure your road to success. 


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