Grow Your Instagram Followers Organically! 8 Steps

instagram social media Dec 21, 2020

Studies show that 90% of Instagram users follow at least one brand, and most Instagram followers use it to find brands and to shop for products. Since its inception, Instagram has grown into a marketing giant earning the highest engagement rate of all social media platforms. 

Instagram offers companies Instagram Ads, Business Accounts, and even Instagram TV, along with dozens of other tools to increase your brand awareness and organically grow your followers. In just eight quick steps, you can begin using Instagram to expand your reach and stake your claim to some serious marketing influence on the platform.

1 - Research the Best Days/Times to Post

There are dozens of helpful charts online that show you the days and times when the peak number of users are online and engaging on Instagram. Always post each week consistently, so your followers begin to expect your great content.

2 - Create Great Content That is Interesting to Your Audience

Know your audience inside and out. What makes them tick? Create content that you know will blow their socks off and keep them coming back for more. Use video, Instagram Stories, and even Ads to get their attention.

3 - Find Others in Your Niche and Follow Them

Reciprocity is the name of the game in social media. Follow others in your industry to see how they engage with their followers and what their interests are. This practice will help you build a marketing strategy for your own content.

4 - Do Your Homework: Find Out Who Follows Your Competitors and Follow Them

Target users who follow your competitors. Make a list and one-by-one, follow them, and start interacting, offering them bits of content you already know they are inclined to enjoy.

5 - Join or Create an Engagement Group

Instagram Engagement Groups help one another grow their followers by liking posts and commenting. A group can help jumpstart your audience and get the ball rolling by adding more followers organically.

6 - Don’t Forget to Use Instagram Stories with Location and Hashtags

More than 500+ million users participate in Instagram Stories daily. Use location and hashtags to fine-tune your marketing efforts and make it even easier for users to find you.

7 - Watch Posts that Do Well and Emulate That Formula

Use Instagram’s built-in analytics to see how well your posts do and then copy that formula when creating new content and campaigns. Pay close attention to clicks, likes, comments, and reach. These metrics will provide a map to follow to continue on the path to building your follower base.

8 - Stay Interactive with Your Followers

The key to using Instagram is not to post something and forget about it. Like most social media platforms, users expect interaction. Stay tuned to what your followers are interested in and commenting on. Start a conversation, and don’t leave them hanging. Stay on top of back-and-forth communications. Regularly engaging with your audience is the best way to keep them and grow even more followers organically.


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