Setup a Facebook Business Page in Minutes!

facebook social media Dec 21, 2020

Social media is a giant that you cannot ignore. More than 3.5 billion people use social platforms every day. That equates to almost half the world’s population, and Facebook is the market leader with 68% of that pie. Facebook averages 2.32 billion active monthly users. If you don’t have a Facebook page for your business yet, you should. 

Below are the quick steps to create your Facebook business page in minutes.

Create Your Facebook Business Page

If the idea of setting up a Facebook business page seems daunting, don’t worry. You can set up one within minutes easily. 

  1. Visit the Facebook for Business webpage.
  2. Click the Create a Page button.
  3. Select your type of business (Business or Brand/Community or Public Figure).
  4. Choose a page name; keep it consistent with your other social media platforms.
  5. Select a category for your business.

Select a Profile Picture to Represent Your Brand

Your profile image is an essential element of your Facebook business page, choose wisely. Most companies use their logo. Be sure you size it to 360 x 360 pixels, or it may be cropped unflatteringly. You can create the photo beforehand and then upload it from your desktop.

Choose the Perfect Cover Photo for Your Business

Unlike your profile pic, your cover photo gives you more real estate to express yourself and your brand. The cover photo is the large landscape image at the top of your page. To ensure that your great artwork isn’t cut off, make sure your cover photo is sized at 828 x 465 pixels. Click the Add Cover Photo button to start and then upload your selected image from your computer. Many popular stock photo vendors, like Canva, have tools to create a Facebook cover photo. 

Create a Catchy Username for Your Facebook Business Page

Once you have added your photos, your page will be live and ready to use. Now you can come up with a catchy username to cement your brand. Click the About button on the left side of the page. Under the General section, find and click Create Page @username. Don’t overlook this step. Your page username helps your audience find you in searches. You can use up to 50 characters but keep it short and concise. Try abbreviating your business name for the best results. Once you have chosen the perfect username, click OK to save it. 

Flesh Out Your Brand Story 

Explore your Facebook business page and see how it looks to your customers. Click the + Tell People About Your Business button to add a brand story. Use this area to introduce yourself to your audience and humanize your business. Think of it as an about us area. Here you can add text and an image of up to 1200 x 445 pixels in size. Once you craft your brand story, click the “Publish” button to make it live.

Complete Your Facebook Business Page

The final step in creating your Facebook business page is filling out your page info. Click the Edit Page Info button to load in your business details. Navigate through each section entering your contact details, address, services you offer, your hours of operation, and your Facebook messenger handle. After each step, don’t forget to save your information. 

With only a few quick steps, you have created your Facebook business page, and now it’s time to put it to good use!


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