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The Importance of the Client Journey at a Law Firm

law firm marketing Apr 29, 2022

You finish law school, pass the bar, and begin practicing law. You may have an easy time finding clients, or it may be challenging. Regardless, you will need to think about marketing for your law firm at some point. One thing you may not have considered, though, is the importance of the client's journey and their experience with you.

What is the Client Journey?

The term client journey is a legal marketing term that refers to the customer experience of dealing with you. The journey includes any interaction a client has with you, from their first call to your law firm and speaking with whoever answers the phone to their communications with you and other legal professionals throughout the case, and even invoicing and payment after the work is complete. If someone from your law firm follows up with the client after the experience, that too is part of the overall client journey.

Any interaction with you or anyone from your law firm can instantly affect a client's opinion. Therefore, it's...

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Lawyers, Your Brand Needs Management Too! People Hire Lawyers, Not Law Firms

Believe it or not, just about everyone has a brand online. Whether you are aware or not, if you are in business, people are probably talking about your services either on social media, on blogs, or in reviews. That means you have an online reputation you must manage to keep it positive and working for you. Negative comments, regardless of their validity, can hurt your brand.

How Can I Find Out if My Brand/Reputation Needs Work?

Like most consumers, legal clients go online to do research before hiring a lawyer. While it's essential to have a legal marketing strategy, it must also include your brand management. The first step is to find out what people are saying about you and your law firm. 

The best way to start managing your online reputation is by Googling yourself to see what comes up. Open a private browsing page so your search engine won't feed you things that align with previous searches. Be sure to use search terms including your name and things like "lawyer" and "law...

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If Your Law Firm is Online, So Should Your Marketing Efforts

If your law firm has a website, your legal marketing efforts should also be online.  Customers don't just use Google to find you. There are dozens of other ways you can conduct law firm internet marketing effectively using the tools already available to you.

What is Online Marketing for Lawyers?

To be successful in our modern world, most people live online. Much of our personal information is stored in the cloud, and business is conducted through email, communication channels, and video conferencing. Online marketing for lawyers is an essential piece of the puzzle. Online technologies offer law firms new opportunities to connect with clients. Historically, legal marketing was limited to phone book ads, magazine and newspaper ads, radio, TV, bench, bus, and billboard advertising. The internet and social media open up new avenues for a legal marketing strategy that is both successful and cost-effective.

Why Should Law Firms Have an Online Marketing Plan?

The goals of law firm...

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Recruiting and Retaining Top Talent for Law Firms


Learn how to recruit and retain top talent during the Great Resignation with Katherine Doble, CEO of INGAGE,  a full-service legal and financial marketing firm. Chat with us at [email protected]

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Webinars for Legal Marketing with Katherine Doble

law firm marketing Dec 02, 2021

Are you wondering how to use a webinar to drive more clients to your law firm? Katherine Doble of INGAGE, a full-service legal and financial marketing firm, explains how law firms can use webinars to build your audience's trust, keep in touch with them, and finally establish those relationships so you can then turn them into clients. Chat with us at [email protected]

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The Three Keys to a Successful Legal Marketing Campaign

In the field of law, chances are there are hundreds of attorneys who provide the same legal services you do. They may not have the same amount of experience, track record, practice the exact same way, or are not as well-versed as you are in a particular area however, to the average client not much of this will matter when making a decision on who to hire. The reality is that most clients chose to retain your firm because you had checked off three boxes for them - know, like, and trust and those three boxes are the keys to a successful legal marketing campaign.

Know, Like, and Trust Equation 

The know, like, trust, the principle is a common term amongst marketers and can be applied to all industries. In order to have a chance at retaining a client, they first need to know you. That seems simple - right? Brand awareness is the most often overlooked step in a law firm’s marketing.  

The second and most crucial step is “like.” As we learned when we were...

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Data Collection for Law Firms with Katherine Doble

law firm marketing Oct 27, 2021

Want to learn more? Contact us at [email protected] or schedule a call by clicking here.

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Referral Marketing for Law Firms with Katherine Doble

law firm marketing Oct 20, 2021

Want to learn more? Contact us at [email protected] or schedule a call by clicking here.

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The #1 Rule of Legal Marketing: Collect Data

As a kid, my dad would regularly sit myself and my siblings down for one of his life lessons discussions. One of his favorite rules of life was to “never put all of your eggs into one basket.” During his lecture, he even went as far as to collect baskets for each one of us and use eggs from our refrigerator to illustrate what happens when you break this lesson. Needless to say, my mom was not pleased with the mess but his point was well taken. Diversification is important in almost all aspects of life and the same rule rings true in digital marketing. 

Earlier this month, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp crashed for several hours leaving businesses that were solely utilizing these platforms for marketing to rethink their strategy. Our legal marketing clients were relieved we guided them towards using a multi-channel marketing approach focused on data collection.   

What is a multi-channel legal marketing strategy?

In the most basic form, it’s...

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The #1 Marketing Mistake that All Law Firms Make

law firm marketing Sep 24, 2021

I hear it over and over again, “we want to grow our law firm but it’s not easy...” 

A few follow up questions, and the real issue is revealed, “I understand why the Bar association has so many rules and regulations when it comes to advertising to clients, but it makes it almost impossible for us to utilize today’s technology.” 

My answer is always the same, “you are going after the wrong audience.” 

Instead of chasing one client, law firms should be focusing on building referral networks. It’s that basic BNI concept you always hear about - farming versus hunting. A strong referral marketing campaign does two things - eliminates most Bar advertising restrictions and can significantly increase the number of new cases.  

I’ll give an example, a family law firm recently reached out to us at INGAGE and asked me to discuss handling their online advertising campaign. On our discovery call, the firm shared...

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