Referral Marketing for Law Firms with Katherine Doble

law firm marketing Oct 20, 2021

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The #1 Rule of Legal Marketing: Collect Data

As a kid, my dad would regularly sit myself and my siblings down for one of his life lessons discussions. One of his favorite rules of life was to “never put all of your eggs into one basket.” During his lecture, he even went as far as to collect baskets for each one of us and use eggs from our refrigerator to illustrate what happens when you break this lesson. Needless to say, my mom was not pleased with the mess but his point was well taken. Diversification is important in almost all aspects of life and the same rule rings true in digital marketing. 

Earlier this month, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp crashed for several hours leaving businesses that were solely utilizing these platforms for marketing to rethink their strategy. Our legal marketing clients were relieved we guided them towards using a multi-channel marketing approach focused on data collection.   

What is a multi-channel legal marketing strategy?

In the most basic form, it’s...

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The #1 Marketing Mistake that All Law Firms Make

law firm marketing Sep 24, 2021

I hear it over and over again, “we want to grow our law firm but it’s not easy...” 

A few follow up questions, and the real issue is revealed, “I understand why the Bar association has so many rules and regulations when it comes to advertising to clients, but it makes it almost impossible for us to utilize today’s technology.” 

My answer is always the same, “you are going after the wrong audience.” 

Instead of chasing one client, law firms should be focusing on building referral networks. It’s that basic BNI concept you always hear about - farming versus hunting. A strong referral marketing campaign does two things - eliminates most Bar advertising restrictions and can significantly increase the number of new cases.  

I’ll give an example, a family law firm recently reached out to us at INGAGE and asked me to discuss handling their online advertising campaign. On our discovery call, the firm shared...

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DBR: Legal Marketing’s Next Digital Chapter Hinges on Numbers and Nimble Strategies

Attorneys are finally going digital. Social distancing measures brought about by COVID-19 accelerated the adoption of online tools for many organizations—even among notoriously "old school" lawyers.

By Katherine Doble | September 21, 2021

While vaccines are being rolled out and offices are slowly starting to reopen, many of the technological advancements law firms made last year seem to be here to stay. According to Clio’s 2020 Legal Trends Report, 83% of attorneys say they plan to continue using video conferencing software to meet with clients after the pandemic, and 96% will continue to store data in cloud-based servers.

The importance of digital marketing has also risen exponentially across all industries. Deloitte’s 2021 Global Marketing Report revealed that members of the C-suite think digital technology (68%) and marketing (63%) will be the most critical functional areas to their businesses over the next year. And according to...

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Standing Out in a Crowded Field, Why Law Firms Need to Embrace Online Campaigns

law firm marketing Dec 21, 2020

Competition is fierce among law firms, and you need to set yourself apart to be seen and heard. The best way to do that is through online campaigns. Modern technology has drastically changed the way people access goods and services. It has also revolutionized how we market our wares. If you do not embrace this technology now, you will be left behind, and your bottom line will suffer. The answer is clear; your law firm needs to embrace online campaigns to succeed in this digital age. 

Why Online Campaigns?

If you haven’t yet decided to jump on board with online marketing, here are a few reasons you might want to consider it:

  1. Online campaigns drastically improve the quality of communication between you and your clients. You meet them where they live, on social media, and by email.
  2. You can customize your message and target a specific audience or demographic to showcase your services for those who need what you offer.
  3. If you want to reach a wider audience, this is how to do...
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Is Your Law Firm Ready for an Online Marketing Campaign?

law firm marketing Dec 21, 2020

Your law firm is a business, and like many firms, you may have relied on traditional forms of advertising and avoided the digital space. However, this modern age of technology has changed the landscape and demands a fertile online presence. To stay relevant and keep up with your competitors, you need an online marketing campaign. 

Brace yourself, though; an online marketing campaign will change things in a very positive way. Are you ready?

Why an Online Marketing Campaign?

The goal of any digital marketing plan is to reach an audience, inform them about your services, and invite them to join you in the conversation. You want to connect with them to cultivate a relationship before they ever call you for help. 

Most firms don’t have the time or resources to handle digital marketing in-house, so they outsource to a company like ours that knows the ropes and how to achieve your goals the fastest way possible. 

The Benefits of Online Marketing

The benefits of digital...

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What Law Firms Can Learn From Amazon: Client Intake Automation

law firm marketing Dec 21, 2020

I was working with the team on onboarding a new law firm and quickly realized that no matter how great a job we did, our campaign was going to fail. 

Why? The law firm’s process of scheduling calls and vetting new clients was cumbersome, required physical paperwork, and was reliant on too many people. 

In working with eCommerce clients, we know that the speed of purchase is key. We live in a culture of one-click buttons that do everything from making a purchase, scheduling appointments, and signing up for events. Amazon has set the pace.  

No matter how much networking or many search ads, social media posts, email marketing pieces a law firm does, they’re going to miss out on business opportunities if they don’t automate the scheduling and vetting process.  

After the initial call, I tasked our INGAGE team with developing a new process for vetting prospective clients for digital marketing services and onboarding them.  


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Do Florida Law Firms Need to Submit Social Media Accounts for Review?

law firm marketing Dec 21, 2020

A new trend is emerging in law firm marketing, lawyers are embracing non-print options including digital marketing.  A recent Florida Bar News article pointed out a fivefold increase in internet advertising by attorneys in the state. 

The numbers of attorneys embracing digital advertising could be even higher. As mentioned in the article, Florida lawyers do not have to submit websites or social media accounts for review.  

Ads that include a list of items including name, contact information, areas of practice and more are also exempt.

What do Florida attorneys need to submit for review? 

  • TV and radio ads 
  • Newspaper and print ads
  • Direct mail pieces
  • Internet advertising (display, pop-up, link ads, etc.) 

Also, interesting to note, the majority of law firms filed several ads for review throughout the year.  Bar News mentions that "one or two dozen ads are common." 

Our team of digital marketers represent a number of Florida law...

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INGAGE Case Study: Haber Law

law firm marketing Dec 21, 2020

Problem: As an established mid-sized law firm, Haber Law was ready to make bold moves.  Not only were they preparing to open their new office in Wynwood but they were also in need of marketing solutions that generated consistent referrals. 

Solutions: INGAGE developed a marketing plan to communicate the firm's successes with prospective clients and referral sources.  Tactics included: social media management, advertising, blog writing, and email marketing. 

Results: Haber Law consistently receives over 20,000 views of their content each month.  The business social media account following has increased by 20%.  Events and workshops for strategic partners max out the RSVP within the first week of posting.   

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Attorneys, the Time is Now to Embrace Social Media

law firm marketing Dec 21, 2020

Typically, when one thinks of an attorney, the image of a sophisticated professional surrounded by paperwork comes to mind. From online documents and filings to video depositions and sophisticated virtual models, the reality is that technology has made its way into law firms. Yet, we still find that many lawyers are slow to embrace social media.

Attorneys do use Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn but often for personal reasons: to connect with family and friends, to network, and to scroll aimlessly in hopes of getting their minds off their long to-do list. Few really leverage social media to brand themselves or their firms.

When done strategically, social media brings a high ROI, makes a law firm feel more approachable, provides potential clients an easy way to engage, and allows attorneys to easily and quickly be seen as experts in their industry.

The Numbers Don’t Lie

According to Statista, 3.02 billion people around the world are expected to be active social media users...

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